Members of Baltimore Interfaith Solar Co-Op Select 21st Century Power Solutions as Group Installer
More than 50 residents in Baltimore City and Baltimore County have organized into a Solar Co-op leveraging their collective buying power to go solar together at dramatically reduced costs. Following a competitive bidding process, the group selected Baltimore area installer 21st Century Power Solutions to complete the co-op’s installations.
Learn how UMD College Park Staff and Neighbors went solar as a group
Earlier this year, 145 members of the University of Maryland and College Park community turned to solar power to take a bite out of their electricity bills. The group was started in early 2014 by University of Maryland Photovoltaics Research Scientist Bob Bartolo.
Baltimore Interfaith Solar Coop RFP Issued
We are excited to issue a Request for Proposal on behalf of the homeowners in Baltimore City and its immediate suburbs in Baltimore County who came together to form the Baltimore Interfaith Solar Coop! Click here to learn more.
Solar creates jobs in Maryland.
There are 133 solar companies at work in MD employing more than 2,000 people.
Learn why small business owner Fran Toler joined the Hyattsville/Mt. Rainier Solar Coop.
Fran Toler understands the challenges of being a small business owner. She is one – a licensed provider of financial and investment advice. That’s why she appreciated the energy savings she could achieve by investing in solar panels for her home of 22 years in Mt. Rainier, MD.
Solar keeps money in Maryland's communities.
Homeowners and municipalities across Maryland are using solar power to keep millions of dollars in communities where it is needed most.
Solar can be accessible to all Marylanders.
Through a project on their home, church, school, or elsewhere everyone can benefit from solar power. MD SUN's mission is to make that happen.

MD SUN works to extend the benefits of solar power to all Marylanders. Everyone should have the right to produce their own energy.


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